Urbotek is the new circus show from the award winning group Race Horse Company. The show is placed on alternative shadow world of modern culture, endless parties and survival of the fittest. it´s characters collide with work, pleasure and search of fulfillment. The show has it all! Durable sustainable materials, amazing silencer-zen technology, beautiful sexy circus people, dangerous sharp acrobatic skills, ultra flying juggling objects, larger than life characters, wondrous whirling dancing, You name it! There are so many things going on that it will blow your mind! Hundred 100% pure genuine Finnish circus product, Urbotek has something for everyone and even more what you don´t need. Urbotek looks at the concept of modern urban life through humor and laughing at ourselves, the way we live and the things that are hard to accept.

Premiere 16.11.2017 La Brèche, Pôle National Cirque de Normandie / Cherbourg, Les Boreales -festival Finnish premiere 17.-21.1.2018 Cirko and Alexander Thatre, Helsinki

Working group

Circus performers: Kalle Lehto, Susanna Liinamaa, Teemu Riihelä, Saku Mäkelä, Rony Hämäläinen, Teemu Virtanen
Director: Rauli Dahlberg
Script / concept: Rauli Dahlberg & Kalle Lehto
Lighting design: Antti Sairanen
Sound design: Sami Tammela & Jussi Liukkonen
Costumes: Rauli Dahlberg, Anja Muhonen
Producer: Anna-Maria Rusi

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Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Cirko – Center for New Circus, La Brèche - Pôle national des arts du cirque de Normandie, Stoa


Chevalier is the third part of a trilogy of childrens circus performances directed and performed by Kalle Lehto. It's a one man circus in which horses are performing various circus acts with their instructor. The show consists of equestrianism, acrobatics, juggling and of course many dazzling premier horses. The ideas for the acts come from traditional horse circuses (mostly Philip Astley’s) only with a weird humorous twist. Here is a chance to see highly inventive hobby horse action with contemporary circus giving traditional circus a high five.

Working group

Performer: Kalle Lehto
Sound design: Sami Tammela
Lighting design: Eero Alava
Idea & Concept: Kalle Lehto
Production: Race Horse Company


Premiere in spring 2019



Rauli and Sauli Kosonen: O'DD

A contemporary circus solo for the future.

O'DD oscillates in a transformation of visions, sounds, light, surfaces and science fiction. It is the next new direction of contemporary circus: its future and its dreamed reality that leads us to the transient world of being human.

In addition to a contemporary circus performance, O'DD is an architectural creation, a futuristic vision of the traditional circus tent, a white pavilion. The imaginative space made possible by architecture creates illusions and tricks of the light. The audience is inside the space. This is something we have not seen before.

Working group

Working group: Rauli Kosonen, Sauli Kosonen, Jere Mönkkönen, Miro Mantere
Production: Race Horse Company
With support from: Arts Council of Finland


Production has started in early 2011 with design and research work. A 20 minute demonstration of O'DD was completed in May 2012, Cirko Festival, Helsinki. O'DD visited with work in progress in Stockholm 2013, at Subcase. O´DD is a constant moving process and there have been small development on the project during past years. 2014- 2015. O´DD is now in residency! Script writing in saarenkartano 2017