Last SuperSundays before summer brake!

Jun 13, 2017
SuperSunday is still possible to see in France, perpignon. Get your TICKETS before they run out!

SuperSunday UK tour!

Apr 21, 2017


Currently touring in uk! supersunday every sunday!

Check the dates from our CALENDAR

WEB-Page up again!

Mar 22, 2017


We apologize for our web-page total CRASH out during past month. Our web- provider made some updates in their services what caused a lot of trouble in our Email and Webpage workability. BUT now we are up and running again. And i´m sorry for all trouble this might have caused you.

-RHC Technical management


Preparing for Winter

Oct 18, 2016

SuperSunday is over for this year, but it will be back on 2017! France and england gigs confirmed.

We are preparing our new show Disco3000 in Turku residency (Sali 82 with SirkusUnioni)

AND more surprises coming our way! Stay tuned . and off tuned

SuperSunday in Norway - Teenage hysteria!

Sep 28, 2016

Supersunday show launched succefully in ålesund!

Kids screaming, crying and laughing their buberty away!