Around LAST CHANCE this year!

Dec 01, 2017
Christmas coming up, but there is still time to see some fun circus action in Finland. Around will take over Sellosali in Espoo the 19th of December 2017! Check the tickets in our calendar and we hope to see you there.


Nov 18, 2017
Urbotek has finally been made succesfully played out to the public in Cherbourg france. In the house of the collaborator La Breche, the show was well responded by the public. Urbotek will continue work in january STOA residence. All working group happy and looking forward for it´s Finnish premiere.

Urbotek in training!

Sep 18, 2017
New show is on the go! sweaty hardworking rehearsals in Circus Helsinki for the upcoming weeks. Last residency this year in november france! updates will arrive shortly with photos and video! Hooray

SUPERSUNDAY!! 14.9 in OULU Last chance to see some extraordinary circus in finland!

Sep 12, 2017
SuperSunday in OULU! 14.9 - 19.00 GET YOUR TICKETS NOW

Back to work! celebrating Motosikai tour!

Aug 10, 2017
Motosikai will be touring this and next month in Sweden, U.K & Berlin, Check our dates in the calendar.