Around is a contemporary circus performance, designed for children, about the life of a small circus group, their mutual relations and overcoming difficulties through co-operation. Plunging headfirst into mishaps, this circus makes the impossible possible.

The circus arrives with their caravan of hobby-horses and an empty stage is transformed into a dashing arena as the show progresses. During the show the setting comes together from small pieces to form a great whole, ready for an eye-catching final number.

The show consists of juggling, acrobatics, hula hoops, soap bubbles, clownery, break-dancing and all this accompanied by live music.

The music composed for the piece imaginatively uses computerized music in combination with traditional band instruments. A drum machine roars and the vivid sound of an acoustic guitar joins the buzzing of a baritone ukulele. Musicians accompany the performers as in a traditional circus, and create a coherent world within the theme of the show.

Duration: approximately 40 min. Suitable for audiences over 4 years old.

Premiere: August 7, 2016 at Hippalot-art festival in Hämeenlinna theater, Finland



Circus Performers: Susanna Liinamaa and Kalle Lehto

Musicians and Sound design: Sami Tammela and Ben Rogers

Director: Kalle Lehto

Lighting design: Eero Alava

Photos: Eero Alava

Production: Race Horse Company Co-production: Hämeenlinna theater, Woltti sirkus Supported by: Arts council of Uusimaa, Samuel Huber Art Foundation, TOP-foundation, The Finnish Music Foundation



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