”Drumset sings, men fly above the van, audience is bedazzled!”

Motosikai is movable, adjustable and fun circusshow to be played outside, inside, on streets, at festivals and different kind of happenings all around Europe. One place to another moving van contains three circus-artists, twisted humour, teeterboard jumps, acrobatics, a cyborg and a ton of surprises.

The show pushes forward with steaming power trough absurd series of skill and action. Motosikai is a parody of itself and brings sound and enjoyment to all kinds of human lifeforms.


Performers: Lauri Koskinen, Teemu Virtanen and Rauli Kosonen
Direction and costumes: Rauli "Kungen" Kosonen
Planning, choreography: Kosonen, Virtanen, Koskinen, Karhu
Music: Sami Tammela, Ben Rogers
Production: Race Horse Company, Kosonen
Blessings: Sari Lakso, Rassi & Miza, Magnus Björu, Mari Virtanen, Maalitehdas "GoalFactory", Viktor Gullischen, Ben Rogers, Taike, CH


Duration: 40 minutes


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