"blood, circus & junk food"

Race Horse Company returns to Kattilahalli 1.-20.12. and brings in the acclaimed and even more
astonishing White Nights with new international cast. Host of the evening, Bastard Keith from New York,
leads you into the night which - like it or not - you will remember...
This is the perfect way of celebrating your Christmas party with RHC boys, who plunge themselves
into the soup with quality spices. Dangerous and forever unexpected fun and fury no less than 18 nights.

Forget the finnish winter and burn up your evening with:
Bastard Keith, a burlesque MC, singer, writer and gadabout straight from NY
Princess Tweedle Needle from Berlin! A Bunny girl with heavy twist....
Håvve Fjell, founder of Pain Solution!
Natalie Good, tight wire specialist from California
Rony Hämäläinen, Finland, RHC road school trainee
RHC BOYS, doing their shit

Opportunity to spend an unforgettable night with mostly abroad touring RHC in their hometown.
Helsinki Beer Festival brews special RHC beer for this event. RHC's own chef provides tasty junk food including ao. delicious veg soup, salad, pitas, hot dogs.....


Performers: Petri Tuominen, Kalle Lehto, Rauli Kosonen, Mikko Karhu, Odilon Pindat, Håvve Fjell, Natalie Good,
Bastard Keith, Princess Tweedle Needle, Rony Hämäläinen
Tech crew: Klasu Eklund, Antti Sairanen and Hannu Abonce-Muhonen
Music: Sami Tammela, Ben Rogers, Jussi Liukkonen
Chef: Klasu Eklund
Photos: Jouni Ihalainen
Group ticketsale: Hanna Suortti
Producer: Sari Lakso
Production: Race Horse Company
Presale: Tiketti
Tickets: 32,00€ and 23,50€ - on the door: 35,00€ and 25,00€
Premiere: 1.12.2015 at 19.00
Other shows: tue-sun 2.-20.12., mondays off and 6.12. at 15.00.
Duration: 2 hours with intermission
Age recommendation: 14 yrs
DOORS, FOOD & DRINK BAR OPENS at 18.00., 6.12. at 14.00.

Thanks: all friends and family, Circus Helsinki, Mikko, Laura, Noora, Eero, Jouni, Jyri, Niko, Joonas, Toni, Indre, Karri, Miika


White Nights 2015 Trailer:click